blue marble little bit of silver and black

tons of bosy work but way worth it ha!! Marble topped11870697_10206154489393828_3364525869598729964_n 11902229_10206154490193848_5586834025785114369_n 11915108_10206154489553832_4183773866522825857_n with blue kandys . fun job!!


Goalie hockey mask

I spent my weekend painting this goalie hockey mask. The mask was originally metallic red and in decent condition, which made the prep a little easier on me. I started with a fresh coat of white base over the primer, then some toned-down skin tone color, art work and finally, clear coat. It was all done with HOK paints. The back plate piece was airbrushed with very thin sepia and some pagan gold candy. The main mask was mainly painted using traditional brush and finished by airbrush to get the smooth look and to add few shadows. The first layer of clear was mixed with little blue ice pearl, just a small touch. It was fun a project. I’m ready for the next one. 🙂