Demon Skull bike

Here are a few pictures of the latest finished work. Lots of red HOK Kandys, black base and HOK Black Diamond. It’s a little hell-like, demonic theme. There’s a skull on the rear fender and a total of 4 skulls on the tank. The skulls on the top of the tank are little hard to see, I wanted them to be little blended. I had a heck of the time trying to capture a good picture. As you can see there are few with reflections of me or grass in it. I thought they are cool anyway, so why not post it.

Steve’s bike finaly done

Well, the longhorn project is done. At least that’s what I think. Here are a few photos of the finished bike. It was tricky to catch it without reflections, so not these aren’t the best pics. Oh well. Anyways, I painted the bike for Mr. Steve Montana. This guy is a wrestler so I made sure there were not any fups!! 🙂 The main theme is incorporating his wrestling logo, a longhorn skull and barb wire. The whole thing is painted with a darker attitude with a few little accents on headlamp and battery/electric covers.