blue marble little bit of silver and black

tons of bosy work but way worth it ha!! Marble topped11870697_10206154489393828_3364525869598729964_n 11902229_10206154490193848_5586834025785114369_n 11915108_10206154489553832_4183773866522825857_n with blue kandys . fun job!!


some more mixed work…

time to update this blog .

So i honestly never thought my happy ass will end up so freaking busy with paints ūüôā It is very awesome feeling ¬†js!! haha. I keep forgetting to keep this place up to date and shoot some jobs were in ¬†and out so fast there was no time for pictures . But here is few recent paint splashes

Never been so busy with my work like I am today .

So busy it’s not even funny haha. Not complaining , rather feel blessed and very very happy. So nice to know there are ppl who appreciate art , love to be more original , customize their rides and mostly giving me¬†opportunity¬†to prove my skils!¬†appreciate¬†all the help, my awesome customers and all the kick ass time jamming with the paints ūüôā

Im gonna keep adding more pictures and updates here very soon. But today i finally had a chance to grab few pictures of 2 bikes i painted not long time ago. Not the best shots, took them inside of my friend ¬†Bike Doctor shop. We waiting for nice weather and def gonna try my best in taking better shots. Anyways this is better than nothing hahha. Since the last update few bikes¬†received¬†new finish, and i dont know what i was thinking 3 out of 5 end up living my shop without good pictures… at least i cant find any here. Kinda blows. ¬†Well green bike its Bike Doctor ride , btw if u around and need someone to wrench ur bike he is the man!!

Silvester bike =Done!!

Alright , took longer than expected , i wanted to be right on the money with Brian requirements and got lucky to pull it off. Owner was super ¬†happy with the end result of this project ! And thats the most important part of the job for me. Nothing feels better than ¬†seeing¬†excitement¬†in customer eyes ūüôā From black to 2 tone with marble like effect in tribe and pin stripes.