few of my late night inspirations….

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Josh Impala

Here is another quick one . Josh ,guy who owns the ride , recently shoot fresh coat over his ride and was looking for some small skull like artwork on the front and something to accent the trunk. Quick fun project. Josh shoot the clear in his body shop, i guess new Sata gun got him quiet motivated , was 1Am when dude was still messing with his car lol .

Time is flying tooo fast

Seams like lately time is just flying by way tooo fasttttt. For the past 2 weeks i have been working on 2 big projects , the 928 porsche fix and abstract painting for customer. The painting will be here soon , its really on the wild side.I had few little fill in jobs ,super fast quickies at the same time so i cant compline on the fact , im not busy enough. Its been overwelming. Good thing , yeah? Or maybe i should start slaking a little bit..? hahah.Anyway few pictures of tiny jobs done recently:

another quickie:)

I have been working on f350 paint for the past 3~4 weeks and was nice to take few little brakes from it. I cranked this helmet during one of those happy brakes. Its quick and easy. Scuff it, shoot  silver base color, then some lime green over the whole thing, with some candy green shades few light flames( its had to see them on the pic), Club logo and clear. I did few other small jobs like thins on my brakes , just for some reason didnt think about taking pictures .lol. Next time will remember.