exciting project from last year

Ha! Look what I run into ! Pretty exciting to see one of my jobs on the august issue of ride hard magazine smile emoticonyay!! Lots of elbow grease #custompaint #harley#bagger #ridehard #congratstotheowner #magazine#airbrush #cover

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some more mixed work…

Some work done in recent time

I have to keep reminding myself to always bring the camera on the last day of projects . Its nice to document the work. But past few months things were so CrAzY that honestly this was last of my worries haha. Anyways here is few of the projects i did in past months. Time for me to hit the grove again !!!

On the roll with sketches…

Few days ago i run across of ArtRage  drawing software. It works  fantastic!!!I need to update my tablet im still using Wacom Artpad 2 , which is like 10 years old hahaha.O well we get the new one some day.

Anyways here is few rough sketches i did. The drawings  are actual request and might be used in future project. Its skull ,demon themed quickies. But its fun to draw with ArtRage !!!haha. Plus saving big time on pencils and paper. GO GREEN!!!