exciting project from last year

Ha! Look what I run into ! Pretty exciting to see one of my jobs on the august issue of ride hard magazine smile emoticonyay!! Lots of elbow grease #custompaint #harley#bagger #ridehard #congratstotheowner #magazine#airbrush #cover

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some more mixed work…

time to update this blog .

So i honestly never thought my happy ass will end up so freaking busy with paints ūüôā It is very awesome feeling ¬†js!! haha. I keep forgetting to keep this place up to date and shoot some jobs were in ¬†and out so fast there was no time for pictures . But here is few recent paint splashes

Never been so busy with my work like I am today .

So busy it’s not even funny haha. Not complaining , rather feel blessed and very very happy. So nice to know there are ppl who appreciate art , love to be more original , customize their rides and mostly giving me¬†opportunity¬†to prove my skils!¬†appreciate¬†all the help, my awesome customers and all the kick ass time jamming with the paints ūüôā

Im gonna keep adding more pictures and updates here very soon. But today i finally had a chance to grab few pictures of 2 bikes i painted not long time ago. Not the best shots, took them inside of my friend ¬†Bike Doctor shop. We waiting for nice weather and def gonna try my best in taking better shots. Anyways this is better than nothing hahha. Since the last update few bikes¬†received¬†new finish, and i dont know what i was thinking 3 out of 5 end up living my shop without good pictures… at least i cant find any here. Kinda blows. ¬†Well green bike its Bike Doctor ride , btw if u around and need someone to wrench ur bike he is the man!!

Some work done in recent time

I have to keep reminding myself to always bring the camera on the last day of projects . Its nice to document the work. But past few months things were so CrAzY that honestly this was last of my worries haha. Anyways here is few of the projects i did in past months. Time for me to hit the grove again !!!

On the roll with sketches…

Few days ago i run across of ArtRage  drawing software. It works  fantastic!!!I need to update my tablet im still using Wacom Artpad 2 , which is like 10 years old hahaha.O well we get the new one some day.

Anyways here is few rough sketches i did. The drawings  are actual request and might be used in future project. Its skull ,demon themed quickies. But its fun to draw with ArtRage !!!haha. Plus saving big time on pencils and paper. GO GREEN!!!

busy busy busy

Been busy with bunch of crazy small and big projects, mostly not worth documenting. some  pinstriping restoration ,some fender bender crap, some small artwork. It was crazy azz month. I did cool scooter repaint . I received it  completely trashed .someone brushed and rolled  enamel paint all over it and tried to fix it with paint remover!!!! I painted with stage marble effect to give some texture and cherry candy.Lots of work. Wheels, front and rear suspension, all the plastic panels had to be completely sanded ,blasted, scraped before i could even think on shooting primer. almost 3 weeks from day zero to delivery. Glad is done and glad owner is super happy:)

I found couple hours to paint Jim Morrison for the friend in town.

Goalie hockey mask

I spent my weekend painting this goalie hockey mask. The mask was originally metallic red and in decent condition, which made the prep a little easier on me. I started with a fresh coat of white base over the primer, then some toned-down skin tone color, art work and finally, clear coat. It was all done with HOK paints. The back plate piece was airbrushed with very thin sepia and some pagan gold candy. The main mask was mainly painted using traditional brush and finished by airbrush to get the smooth look and to add few shadows. The first layer of clear was mixed with little blue ice pearl, just a small touch. It was fun a project. I’m ready for the next one. ūüôā