exciting project from last year

Ha! Look what I run into ! Pretty exciting to see one of my jobs on the august issue of ride hard magazine smile emoticonyay!! Lots of elbow grease #custompaint #harley#bagger #ridehard #congratstotheowner #magazine#airbrush #cover

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some more mixed work…

time to update this blog .

So i honestly never thought my happy ass will end up so freaking busy with paints ūüôā It is very awesome feeling ¬†js!! haha. I keep forgetting to keep this place up to date and shoot some jobs were in ¬†and out so fast there was no time for pictures . But here is few recent paint splashes

Never been so busy with my work like I am today .

So busy it’s not even funny haha. Not complaining , rather feel blessed and very very happy. So nice to know there are ppl who appreciate art , love to be more original , customize their rides and mostly giving me¬†opportunity¬†to prove my skils!¬†appreciate¬†all the help, my awesome customers and all the kick ass time jamming with the paints ūüôā

Im gonna keep adding more pictures and updates here very soon. But today i finally had a chance to grab few pictures of 2 bikes i painted not long time ago. Not the best shots, took them inside of my friend ¬†Bike Doctor shop. We waiting for nice weather and def gonna try my best in taking better shots. Anyways this is better than nothing hahha. Since the last update few bikes¬†received¬†new finish, and i dont know what i was thinking 3 out of 5 end up living my shop without good pictures… at least i cant find any here. Kinda blows. ¬†Well green bike its Bike Doctor ride , btw if u around and need someone to wrench ur bike he is the man!!

Silvester bike =Done!!

Alright , took longer than expected , i wanted to be right on the money with Brian requirements and got lucky to pull it off. Owner was super ¬†happy with the end result of this project ! And thats the most important part of the job for me. Nothing feels better than ¬†seeing¬†excitement¬†in customer eyes ūüôā From black to 2 tone with marble like effect in tribe and pin stripes.

Some work done in recent time

I have to keep reminding myself to always bring the camera on the last day of projects . Its nice to document the work. But past few months things were so CrAzY that honestly this was last of my worries haha. Anyways here is few of the projects i did in past months. Time for me to hit the grove again !!!

busy busy busy

Been busy with bunch of crazy small and big projects, mostly not worth documenting. some  pinstriping restoration ,some fender bender crap, some small artwork. It was crazy azz month. I did cool scooter repaint . I received it  completely trashed .someone brushed and rolled  enamel paint all over it and tried to fix it with paint remover!!!! I painted with stage marble effect to give some texture and cherry candy.Lots of work. Wheels, front and rear suspension, all the plastic panels had to be completely sanded ,blasted, scraped before i could even think on shooting primer. almost 3 weeks from day zero to delivery. Glad is done and glad owner is super happy:)

I found couple hours to paint Jim Morrison for the friend in town.

Fresh paint on Hayabusa

From all the jobs done in last 2 weeks this one is worth of posting.Its a full custom paint job, candy, pearls,graphic and custom chrome by Roncos. Josh shoot all the chrome and i went over with purple candy on the wheels.Color Chrome is way to go, looks badazz. I shoot silver medium metallic for the base, then candys then bunch of other zhit and clear on the end. We all were working on tight schedule and thank God no one run to any troubles. Everything done on time.

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Been pretty damn hot in past 2 weeks. Its almost 6pm and 97F inside the shop.Gotta be carefull with the paints !! They dont like to be that hot ūüôā¬† Didn’t do mush airbrush work lately, been busy with wiring job on some old street rod, some collision work for friends , some goofy tiny jobs ,didn’t even bother taking pixes:) I had ’10 Camaro for stripes and mustang. I was really happy the way Camaro turned out. slick, good “stealthy

” color combo:) O yeah Rick when u gonna pick up this damn rc car body!!!!!!

Josh Impala

Here is another quick one . Josh ,guy who owns the ride , recently shoot fresh coat over his ride and was looking for some small skull like artwork on the front and something to accent the trunk. Quick fun project. Josh shoot the clear in his body shop, i guess new Sata gun got him quiet motivated , was 1Am when dude was still messing with his car lol .

KZ 900 Restoration project —–DONE!!!

Ok , this is the old story!!!!( if brows this blog way back to last year u can see some progress) This bike been sitting and patiently waiting to be finished. Yeap got the sucker done. Paint, pipes, spokes, frame, polishing,and  bunch of little items all restored. So here it is ,few shots of finished bike. Basecoat  and 2tone stripe was painted with Spies Hecker Paints. This is when i got sucked into their paints. Great stuff. Anyways how many kz after over 30 years looks like this one !!! lol hahahaha.

Another set of custom Painted rims

This rims were originally light charcoal metallic ,overall in decent shape. Owner was leading toward black color with some graphic to pop. So why not to make something that look black from few feet away and pop on you with red candy from close distance .Clercoat reflection on top of the candy color makes it really unique. Anyway few shots of painted wheels. You can see very thin pinstripe line on the spoke edges, its actually filed down spoke edge with light kandy red coat.

1974 AMF Fuel Tank Resto

This is fuel tank out of 1974 AMF Harley Davidson. Its been repainted at some point , had few dents and dings,piling stickers … I started from bear ¬†metal, Did try to remove the dents as best as i could before¬†applying¬†the filler. Epoxy primer ,¬†sillier, blue¬†metallic¬†Spies Hecker base provided by Ultimate Collision Center Inc( super nice guys) and Matrix ms 42 clear coat. The lettering was painted with HOK paints and¬†sandwiched¬†between

base and clear. Looks much better painted than vinyl sticker, but still have the illusion of the sticker.I think the guy turned just fine.

New look

Tim’s Suzuki received a new look. Lots of blue, lots of mini flakes and some purple over the black base. The graphic is little on the funky side, a torn edge look, kind of like it’s worn off. Most of us would prefer sharp looking pinstripes accenting the graphic, but Tim liked the torn, scratched look under shiny clear coat.:) One of the pictures shows a closeup of the paint. You can see a little bit of the flakes floating in the clear; it brings that wet look to it.¬† Anyway, it was fun job. ūüôā¬† And now its¬† time for the next project.

Demon Skull bike

Here are a few pictures of the latest finished work. Lots of red HOK Kandys, black base and HOK Black Diamond. It’s a little hell-like, demonic theme. There’s a skull on the rear fender and a total of 4 skulls on the tank. The skulls on the top of the tank are little hard to see, I wanted them to be little blended. I had a heck of the time trying to capture a good picture. As you can see there are few with reflections of me or grass in it. I thought they are cool anyway, so why not post it.

Steve’s bike finaly done

Well, the longhorn project is done. At least that’s what I think. Here are a few photos of the finished bike. It was tricky to catch it without reflections, so not these aren’t the best pics. Oh well. Anyways, I painted the bike for Mr. Steve Montana. This guy is a wrestler so I made sure there were not any fups!! ūüôā The main theme is incorporating his wrestling logo, a longhorn skull and barb wire. The whole thing is painted with a darker attitude with a few little accents on headlamp and battery/electric covers.

Got my first donor

One evening I was kind of going over the boxes in garage and got all my paints out. Man this just got juices flowing. The next day I had my buddy sucked into a deal to paint his bike. I figured, the paints are here, I have time, my buddy Joe always wanted to have his bike painted… so we went with it! Here are a few photos of the bike and happy Joe:).

BTW , this was done with Autoair paints for those who are wondering:) I don’t know .. I am not too crazy about Createx in automotive application, plus they suck when it comes for atomization, dry tips , thinning… u name it … not as user friendly as uros. Well I’m sticking with my lovely proven HOK paints. Pure joy.
What’s up with the kustom shop. My supplier is trying to pitch some colors to play with … I don’t know, I like my House of Kolor, but I have seen some of the work done with them and lots of guys swear by them … so maybe someday I will give it a shot .
Joe, dude, I hope the bike is still in one piece. Yhanks for the donor to goof with and man this pipes …