idea for the low cost print

Got some butterfly brushes and just didnt know what to do with them haha. Few days ago i did face sketch for the glowing skull project on my pad. But just had to change it to go with the happy butterflies:) Its just rendering in progress, more an idea for later, but so relaxing just to play around 🙂 ( i know no time for playing 🙂 )


3 thoughts on “idea for the low cost print

  1. Its beautiful, just beautiful. My mother came back to me as a butterfly when she died. and that picture you did with the woman and the butterflys takes my breath away. Thanks for having the creativity and skills to create that picture its the most awesome i have ever seen. Im struggling but would come up with the money to buy one please have someone contact me. Keep up the good work. WOW

  2. Christine, thanks for very nice words!Thank you much !! And i have few copies left , if you still interested lemme know , we can figure something out , Hope things are well. And thanks again 🙂 !

  3. I absolutely LOVE this! your painting my hubby’s bike right now, and it looks AMAZING! I have an idea for some butterflies in different stages of flight coming down my tank in a ghost paint and something very similar to your picture on my front fender but more native american with some feathers in her hair? My paint job is is scheduled for next winter so be ready for my phone call 🙂

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