Few little things i managed to paint between the big jobs:)

Alright , Monday was just big suck time,at least morning. Weekend was just too much fun and price was paid on Monday morning. Gee  took me like 2 hours just  to catch the grove. I got 2 cars to work on and few little tiny jobs. Thought would be good idea to warm up before jumping on the serious stuff…  So i got “Happy Xbox” done ready for clear , customer is picking it up on Wednesday. Then did a paint sample  ,effect sample for local dude here in town, dude would not trust the idea ,but was happy with the sample. And crap i did 2 more jobs just not sure what happen to pixes. if i find them just gonna slap it to this post.

If u look closely on the green fender close up ,you will see the texture behind the flame/slimes, its more like illusion  effect with little bit marble. It makes the flame/slime to float over the fender with little shadow. I shouldnt take it on the grassy background, kind of hard to see.

The second one , xbox … speaks for itself.


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