Shop overtake

My shop was terrorized by some crazy painter in past 2 days.Paint splashed everywhere, flying paint brushes and giant corn field with some
uncle Joe barn hanging across the whole shop… Well it was little less dramatic:) It was fun project, she did excellent job, i had little little change in my typical work and good company šŸ™‚

If u happen to run into this giant canvas ,make sure u explore the wheelbarrow( whatever this thing is called..) for unique choice o…f plants…. Well done Sara!


4 thoughts on “Shop overtake

  1. Dude,id hate to see ya go however i work down south there is more money there
    thats for sure, Oh by the way i traded the superglige for a new ultra claasic i
    realy hated to see it go thuo it did sell the very next day from what i understand the
    dude realy loved the flakes guess i’ll be bringing the ultra over for some airbrushing
    see you soon

    1. Rick, dude u really!! ,man u are nutzz hahaha U like the most dedicate hd dude i meet.crazy zhit. At least u had some nice miles done on it. Thats what i like about you , run it hard and keep it clean. Im not sure what would be the best scenario, i found shop in Edwarsville and Alton ,both are prime locations. I really would love to find something here but closer to 16…. will see how things will go. keep me posted on your bike ,hate to see you dropping another set for new paint. <- hehe well not really, im liking the idea of painting it !!!)

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