Weekend is over

Happy weekend is over. Back to happy paradise on monday. Actually i did some work this weekend. Got  Porsche 928 here for little bit of troubleshooting and few interior touchups.So did work on it little bit. Small pinstripe job on goldwing. And started on laptop paint.Here is the picture of progress.

work in progress , painted laptop.

O yeah , here is the funny summary of the weekend. Local bike shop in town had ” customer appreciation weekend”, bunch of goldwing guys stuff. Lots of ppl , vendors, bikes, u know the deal. So i went to talk to the Brad, (one of the owners of bike shop) if would be ok with him for me to walk around the  place with my brushes  and  do few freebies. I thought that would be great expo for my little business and in the same time shops like mine or his could both benefit from it . Well in the worst case its nice to see helping each other 🙂 It wasn’t the case. Brad give me big no no !!I didnt even got the chance to explain myself and fully introduce.  I dont get it , like im gonna take work from his painters??? hahaha. I had good gigle time, that for sure . Yeah i have seen bunch of pinstriped  goldwings , they all look almost the same,except the base colors… Im thinking he might be scared of creativity or fresh ideas? Come on happy goldwing riders , bring them on ! We can nail anything you ask for! even same thing that your neighbor honda got painted.


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