Another week that SUCKS!!!

I think im gonna give up , shit is just out of control. I have been busting my azz burning midnight oil to keep up with work for past few months, and now when im on schedule i might have a visit on surgical table. Its gonna set things way back… Today i was supposed to start on new job. So when the dude came over to drop the truck and i kind of explained him the scenario. He got all pissed and decided to pass on it. All i told him ” Hey give me 2 days and will get back with u , i need to find out whats going on with me , dont want to start this job and had this truck sitting here for few weeks…. ” His happy answer was” i just pass on it ” ?!?! WTF!?!?!  I dont get it . Pll are azzholes sometimes, its not like i dont want to make any $$$ , I need to me $$$ , i need work , i love what im doing , just dont want to risk something that will set me even more back. dude just dont get it . I called everyone who was schedule for this and next week ( all the tiny small jobs) just let them know the situation. They are all cool except this one ahole  with the truck @!!


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