Ford F350 2 tone custom paint job

I suck. I cant take decent shots  ,i wasted too much time with my junk camera trying to snap killer picture. My camera and I suck. Gonna save few buck and get something decent. For now here is short vid of the project. Not the best video out there , but will give some idea.Total repaint, We toned with black roof  hood , side panels on silver background. Artwork was strictly based on customer request. hand pinstripe all around with some happy graphic and flames like mural on the sides. Ron the owner forced me to tone down the flames .I left little bit of original look one the rear flares. Every thing else received extra coat of red candy. Hahaha. He wanted MORE RED!!! and i was like ” DUDE , ITS F#$%N RED already!!!

btw any one have dslr for sale?


2 thoughts on “Ford F350 2 tone custom paint job

  1. have u ever done a contest or gave someone a free paint job? just for the advisetimemt? because i live in arkanasas and ur are damn good and around here people are always looking for stuff like this. love yr work man…..

    1. Never done contest , but hopefully this year. This is first 5 months of the shop, since i started it. So everything is still chaotic. But yes i would like to join few bikes , car shows this year. hehe i wish to pull freebie paint , just cant afford it yet !!! But i dont to work around customer budget:). Thanks for nice words. Dan

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