Possible shop??

few days ago i found cherry building ,used to be body shop.I talked to the owner and based on our conversation there is good chance for me to rent it. Man that would be just fantastic. Will see , in mean time im searching for more. Need to get something ready by and of the year. Tired of my little cramped place.

So starting Jan4th  i will be stuck 6 days a week from 8 am till who knows… in more official places than my happy shade…  New shop , will see how things will go


4 thoughts on “Possible shop??

  1. If that shop doesn’t pan out, I would work you a deal for some space in my shop. We too are in Litchfield, we do collision, fabrication, restorations and custom stuff as well.

    1. Jonny , i just square a deal with Bart ,his old shop on Edwards. Man i was desperate to find place. Will keep it in mind, who knows how things will go on Edwards st …Thank you for your kind offer, we will be in touch.I will swing by in few days to say hello. Very nice resto projects you guys have there!! Nice!!
      Litchfield, this little happy town is full of surprises.

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