Got my first donor

One evening I was kind of going over the boxes in garage and got all my paints out. Man this just got juices flowing. The next day I had my buddy sucked into a deal to paint his bike. I figured, the paints are here, I have time, my buddy Joe always wanted to have his bike painted… so we went with it! Here are a few photos of the bike and happy Joe:).

BTW , this was done with Autoair paints for those who are wondering:) I don’t know .. I am not too crazy about Createx in automotive application, plus they suck when it comes for atomization, dry tips , thinning… u name it … not as user friendly as uros. Well I’m sticking with my lovely proven HOK paints. Pure joy.
What’s up with the kustom shop. My supplier is trying to pitch some colors to play with … I don’t know, I like my House of Kolor, but I have seen some of the work done with them and lots of guys swear by them … so maybe someday I will give it a shot .
Joe, dude, I hope the bike is still in one piece. Yhanks for the donor to goof with and man this pipes …


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